poems as hand- and foot-holds on a glass mountain

Current Spoilers

The lake is a moving stillness
another morning this; not quite a copy
of the last several
moving in and over it are light and heat
whims of breezes brief and gone

We are the lake’s cousins
answers to its questions, questions for its answers
we are all this cross-talk making of a spotless moment
these spoilers of the next

I throw your hat out over the lake
you throw in my shoes
they sink soaking fast and slow
we laugh as we have others, thinking:
what if we had no others?

We leap in after them, my shoes lost
your hat recovered
the lake icy on our summer bodies
we swim back, climb out chilled and younger
the sting of sharp immediates making one of those
odd reversals, a clean forgetting
our pasts undone nearer, farther back
blinking out like strings of Christmas lights unplugged
or exhausted, having been left on for weeks
An old planet spinning backwards overnight
waking to a lighter decade, not previous
but not weighted by those days and weeks undone
in a diet of narrowed focus

Can we do without by forgetting
what we wish forgotten, wish never happened
or does wishing have no part in these reversals
as the Now is free of pasts in ways we’ve yet to see?
Current spoilers march away wordless
like neighbors we’ve insulted or who think we have

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