poems as hand- and foot-holds on a glass mountain

Sea Life

someone I thought I knew
has been standing on a high bluff for years
watching waves drive onto a beach

pushed up by unseen shallows
pushed onward by an unseen moon
folding and curling in on themselves

neighbor upon neighboring water-drops
once fallen singly in company as rain
here-now becoming and passing on
a nameless flow each is in turn

the watcher is also nameless flow
moment to moment surpassing itself
not in age nor height and weight

certainly not in wisdom or celebrity
only in the the infinite marks of singularity
below the divisions of thought

marks too many and brief for counting or meaning
sea-flow and watcher-flow come to be seen
requiring each other

sliding into and through each other
in a passage noted only afterwards
long watching becomes a single moment

that does not flow, just is;
a lengthening pause between heartbeats

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