poems as hand- and foot-holds on a glass mountain

Death’s Neighbor Almost Remembers

our nearest neighbor always seemed amused
at our misfortunes, even small mis-steps
delighted him, our fickle fates seemed fused

we never spoke as likely he’d refuse
our greeting, that vanishing adept
our nearest neighbor always seemed amused

a glimpse is all we ever got, a ruse
of sliding doors and curtains; you’d expect
more contact as our ruddy fates were fused

this certainty defies the common views
that gap between one moment and the next
he lived in kept our neighbor much amused

it seems he had no face, or many, used
the faces of the dead, anguished, perplexed
delighted him; our twisted fates were fused

an odd one-way telepathy intrudes
he knew before we tripped and fell, exact
our nearest neighbor always seemed amused
delighted that our gargoyle fates were fused

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