poems as hand- and foot-holds on a glass mountain

How To Eat

Poems get written from watching

closely as things happen

each its own yet entangled

with the rest of us 

and working with those links.

Most experiences are dumb, but a few

come tabbed with phrases 

a writer can work with

and a reader follow

with a bit of practice 

and Keats’ “Negative Capability”

i.e., tolerance for and persistence

in uncertainty.



In the back yard a small squirrel

in winter dress-grey-and-black

sits on its haunches with a bit of something

in its tiny paws, showing us how to eat.

To follow, we have to forget

everything we knew about consumption

as though we weren’t defined by it.

Its little jaws are working, working

hurrying as at any moment

something will snatch it away

some other new thing so enticing

the squirrel will forget to eat

even how to eat; 

being enveloped by amazement

that overcomes us just before hunger.

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