poems as hand- and foot-holds on a glass mountain



Extras, stand over by the wall

prettiest up front, smart ones in the back

in fact the smart ones can just leave

Thinning the raspberry bushes

dead ones cut away help the rest 

otherwise choked by them

cruel to be kind

The fires in California thin the forests

of dead trees first but also of some living

a rash of houses, surplus humans, assorted wild life

Being gone proves you extra say the winds

It’s a zero-sum game now, even less than zero

we’re into negative numbers here

There was an optimum number of us

but even some of the optimals

are starting to feel extra

Look in the mirror; see only background?

until yesterday a valued member of the team

The fires say we’re all extras now

first- and late-comers all rush the exits

small doors that seem selective

more wall than door until we’re very near

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