poems as hand- and foot-holds on a glass mountain

Some Assembly Required

What calls from an unsettled space

between the tall cherry tree and its stumpy neighbor

where opposite branches reach into each other

perhaps for air and sunlight missed by the other

by a sensing and a desiring we observe

but dare not name, for fear of offending

the unsleeping guard-dogs of materialism

filling some of the comparatively  empty space

with sturdy brown branches bearing leaves

or perhaps responding to a more subtle calling

a future shape as yet unshaped and yet in a sense

pre-formed, like an device we have ordered arriving boxed

but needing some assembly, and thinking

it is a model car we open and begin

but discover it is a small plane, or stranger still

a few weeks after we assemble it as a car

we find it has returned to its box

and will only assemble as an airplane

what we imagined as grounded commuting among ordinaries

has turned to flight for sites unusual, bizarre

as fish become amphibians and our children strangers

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